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CCNA Exploration 4.0: Routing Protocols and Concepts - Chapter 9 Exam Answers

1. On a router running EIGRP, what database would maintain a list of feasible successors?

routing table
neighbor table
*topology table
adjacency table

2. Refer to the exhibit. This is the debug output from 2 directly connected EIGRP routers. They are not forming an adjacency. What is the cause?

*one router is a non-cisco router
they have different autonomous-system numbers
they are using difference sequence numbers
they are sending incorrect hello types

3. Refer to the exhibit. Which command will advertise the network but not the network on router A?


4. What two actions will the EIGRP DUAL FSM take if a link to a network goes down? (Choose two.)

*put the route into passive mode
query neighbors for a new route
search routing table for a feasible successor
*run the SPF algorithm to find a new successor
search topology table for a feasible successor

5. Refer to the exhibit. What is indicated by the P at the beginning of the topology entry?

the route is in a stable state
the route is a preferred route
*DUAL is searching for a better route to this destination
the exit interface is in passive mode and EIGRP advertisements are blocked

6. In which of the following tables does the EIGRP DUAL algorithm store the primary route to a destination? (Choose two.)

*shortest path

7. What information is maintained in the EIGRP topology database for a destination route? (Choose three.)

the routing protocol
the feasible distance of the route
*the highest cost of the route
*the SRTT value for the route
the route cost as advertised by the neighboring router
*the physical address of the gateway interface

8. Which of the following statements describes the bounded updates used by EIGRP?

Bounded updates are sent to all routers within an autonomous system.
Partial updates are sent only to routers that need the information.
*The updates are sent to all routers in the routing table.
Updates are bounded by the routers in the topology table.

9. Which of the following types of routes will be denoted by EX in EIGRP routing table entries? (Choose two.)

routes learned from other routing protocols
routes learned from any non-adjacent EIGRP routers
*any route with a hop count metric higher than 224
EIGRP routes that originate in different autonomous systems
*all passive routes in the routing table

10. Host in the network illustrated is unable to ping host How must EIGRP be configured to enable connectivity between the two hosts? (Choose two.)

*R1(config-router)# network
R1(config-router)# auto-summary
R1(config-router)# no auto-summary
R2(config-router)# no auto-summary
R2(config-router)# auto-summary
*R2(config-router)# network

11. Which two statements describe characteristics of EIGRP? (Choose two.)

EIGRP is a distance vector routing protocol.
EIGRP supports classless routing and VLSM.
*EIGRP is classified as a link-state routing protocol.
EIGRP uses TCP for reliable delivery of EIGRP update packets.
*With EIGRP, loop-free paths are achieved through the use of hold-down timers.
EIGRP sends a periodic update every 30 minutes.

12. Refer to the exhibit. Based on the output of show ip eigrp neighbors, what are two possible problems with adjacencies between Router1 and Router2? (Choose two.)

The routers are configured with different EIGRP process IDs.
*Automatic summarization was disabled.
The hello timer for R1 was altered.
The serial interfaces for both routers are in different networks.
*No feasible successors were found.

13. Refer to the exhibit. In the topology table, what do the numbers 3011840 and 3128695 represent?

the route metric that is applied to those EIGRP routes for this router
the trustworthiness of the routing information source
*the composite of the hop count and bandwidth to that destination network
the total metric for that network as advertised by the EIGRP neighbor

14. Refer to the exhibit. EIGRP is the only routing protocol enabled on this network. No static routes are configured on this router. What can be concluded about network from the exhibited output?

A route to network is not listed in the routing table.
Packets that are destined for will be forwarded to
*EIGRP will perform equal cost load balancing across two paths when forwarding packets to
The router with interface is a successor for network

15. Refer to the exhibit. All interfaces have been configured with the bandwidths that are shown in the exhibit. Assuming that all routers are using a default configuration of EIGRP as their routing protocol, what path will packets take from the network to the network?

Packets will load balance across the A,B,E and A,C,E paths.
Packets will load balance across the A,B,E and A,D,E paths.
Packets will load balance across the A,C,E and A,D,E paths.

16. By default, which two metrics are used by EIGRP to determine the best path between networks?


17. Which term defines a collection of networks under the administrative control of a single entity that presents a common routing policy to the Internet?

autonomous system
contiguous networks
process ID

18. Refer to the exhibit. The company is using EIGRP with an autonomous system number of 10. Pings between hosts on networks that are connected to router A and those that are connected to router B are successful. However, users on the network are unable to reach users on the network. What is the most likely cause of this problem?

IP classless is enabled and is causing the packet to drop.
*The command network was not issued on router C.
The routers are not configured in the same EIGRP routing domain.
Automatic summarization of the networks is causing the subnetted routes to be dropped.

19. In the command router eigrp 20, what is the purpose of the number 20?

specifies the administrative distance for all EIGRP routes
identifies the autonomous system number this EIGRP process will advertise
*determines what metric is added to all advertised routes
indicates the number of addresses in the EIGRP routing domain

20. The show ip eigrp topology command output on a router displays a successor route and a feasible successor route to network In order to reduce processor utilization, what does EIGRP do when the primary route to this network fails?

The router sends query packets to all EIGRP neighbors for a better route to network 192.168
The DUAL FSM immediately recomputes the algorithm to calculate the next backup route.
*Packets that are destined for network are sent out the default gateway instead.
The backup route to network is installed in the routing table.

21. What administrative distance would a router assign to a default route in EIGRP that is learned from a source external to the autonomous system?


22. Refer to the exhibit. Network goes down. What type of packet does Router2 immediately send to Router1 and Router3?

a query for network
an acknowledgment packet to
an update packet that is sent to
a packet that contains the new routing table for R2
unicast update packets to and

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The answer to question #1 is wrong the correct answer is topology table

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